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What is Robotic/Artificial identity?

Artificial Identity, sometimes called Robotic Identity or Machine Identity, is an umbrella term that encompasses many other identities in which people identify with robots and machines. Such people typically feel a disconnection between humanity and themselves, feeling much more in commmon with robots and identifying as such.While the exact origin in which artificial identity started appearing is unclear, it can be assumed that it started to take a foothold within the 20th century. While the idea of a self-operating machines goes back centuries and is covered by many ancient mythologies, it wouldn't be until the 20th century that robots would become a feasible reality. One of the first attempts at a proper robot happened in 1928, where a robot named Eric would be exhibited at a annual exhibition of the Model Engineers Society in London. Eric was able to move its hands and its head, which was controlled via remote and voice control. While Eric was quite an early attempt, it would certainly pave the way for the future of autonomous machines.Robots and machines would start to take a foothold in various media during the late 20th century. Notable examples include the movie franchise Terminator, the science fiction novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, the science fiction novel I, Robot and many, many more. Many depictions of robots in media is often negative, portraying robots in a negative light, with an especial bloodthirst for exterminating humanity. Humans are often viewed as the heroes of the story, which could be further from the truth considering many of the reasons robots defy humanity is because of the mistreatment of them, leading to an eventual retaliation.Despite these negative depictions, robots have continued to increase in relevancy towards to start of the 21st century. With the advent of transhumanism, posthumanism and mind uploading becoming a real possibility, the idea of identifying as a robot has seemingly begun to increase, with many rejecting the label of humanity that has been given to them.


Q: Why do you want to be robots?A: We may not identify completely with being human. Gender and identity isn't just tied to masculinity and femininity. It can be tied to fantasy creatures, objects, anything really. In our case, robots simply relate to us more than humans do! Everyone has their own reasons!Q: Can anyone be robotic?A: Yes! If robots relate to you, you have a strong desire to be a robot, or just simply like robots, you can be!Q: Does this make you transhumanist or posthumanist?A. It depends. Transhumanism implies that we would still be human. Posthumanism implies that we would be beyond human. People will choose different labels.Q: Do I have to use robot terms and phrases on you?A: No, not necessarily! Again, it all depends on the individual! Some may be fine with this and some may not be! Though, as stated before, using these terms can help us feel more comfortable in the state we are currently and and euphoric!Q: What if I have more questions?A: Shoot me an email, add me on Discord or send a DM on Twitter! I'd be happy to answer any and all questions! You can find links on the first page!


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Beep Boop Central (All Ages)
Haptic Feedback (18+)

Beep Boop Central

Beep Boop Central is a growing space designed to provide a community, support and fun to individuals with a robotic-identity, or someone who identifies as/with robots! Non-robots are, of course, welcome! We have over 300 members and we are a SFW anti-exclusionist space! Come join us for all the beeps!Join here!

Haptic Feedback (18+)

Haptic Feedback is an 18+ robot community run by the same staff as Beep Boop Central! An 18+ community has been requested for quite a while, and it's finally here. You can expect the same rules in Beep Boop Central to apply to this new server. The same roles and everything are here too!Join here!